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Hawk display participate in training to enhance corporate culture

2014-06-18 10:10:43

September 6, 2013, four new staff of Hawk Display Equipment Company and 42 important staff of another companies attended the ability and quality training courses at Changzhou Science and Education Town .This training lasted two and a half day, all of the people had an important study about how to develop their potential ability and strength of the team, as well as corporate culture.


In this training session, the master instructor is Hong Yuan Li, who graduated from MBA, is a well-known coach and mentor of business.    Coach Li told the classic history of eagle rebirth and a stone Buddha from a miscellaneous stone to encourage people do better by self- transformation and strong willpower during the two and half days training. In addition, the coach also broadcast a video about a famous United States enterprise which turned losses into profits from the brink of bankruptcy to explain that it is very necessity for enterprise developing by achieving "common good", which one should have the spirit of squirrels, as employees know their important value and their own irreplaceable nature for work .Second, having beavers way, which mean the staff can have their own innovative ideas out of blindly arrangements as long as they can meet boss need objectively. Finally, It is to have geese talent, namely, the company employees and Employer should encourage each other for everything at any time. In this way, the staff well be full of positive energy, the company well achieve development.


This training broken the previous immobilization model lesson which the teacher to explain and the students to listen, achieving the diversified line mode lesson which combined tell, watch, action etc. In this lively training, stuff began to known that the leader should take the main responsibility when their employees made the mistake and when the leader took the duty, their employees will accompanied take too through series of acts including glory , pain, moving between leaders and staff. And this is the power of unity. Furthermore, training is also a collection of thanksgiving, entertainment and gaming forum, guiding everyone to love their family, to thank their parents, to have a happier life.


Changzhou Hawk Display Equipment Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Hawk digital printing display and module exhibition solutions. The company attaches great importance to corporate culture and personnel training, and it is committed to helping its worker to recognize their own potential ability and promoting their better development. Surely, the development of enterprise is inseparable from development of staff, so achieving better development and enhance corporate cult is the company’s another goal.