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Lightest LED Trade Show Reception Desk of Hawk Display

2017-07-07 17:09:03

Recently, hawk display launched a new SEG lighted trade show reception desk, and which maybe the lightest trade show reception desk in the world with light design.

It is said, this trade show reception desk is similar to hawk display‚Äôs pop up counter HK-10D1, but there is a great improvement on the frame. In terms of creative design on the frame profile, it is easy to embed the graphic in the frame and the whole tension fabric graphic is flat. With optional inner LED curtain design, the graphic can be shined more beautiful. Compared with other lighted reception desk which made by heavy aluminum profiles, this trade show reception desk is lighter and which can be carried easier with small pieces.
As a professional trade show exhibition display products supplier, Hawk Display has a variety of trade show reception desks that are compatible to create nearly any look and meet any function. You can choose a foldable trade show reception desk for quick carry and use,like 3D-99GS. You can also choose a dual use trade show reception desk YC-11-X15 for display and package. Surely, buying a cheap trade show counter 3D-99A for simple display is good too.
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