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sku: 3D-105
Tension fabric display 3D-105

Model Number:3D-105 Place of Origin:China (Mainland) Brand Name:exhilite Exhibition:Advertising display

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Product Description of Tension fabric display 3D-105:
NET Weight :4.5kg
Gross Weight :14kg(without graphic) 
Outer Carton Size: 47 x 30 x 90cm 
Carton qty: 1 pcs
Assembled Display Size       119"w x 89"h
Packaged Dimensions          18"w x 37"h x 12"d
Assembled Case Size            37"w x 39.5"h x 18"d
Product Weight                         33 lbs
Display Graphic Print Layout Size           125.984"w x 91.535"h(per side if 2-Sided)
Display Graphic Safe Viewable Zone     123.622"w x 89.961"h(per side if 2-Sided)
Case Graphic Print Layout Size               101.9"w x 49.2"h
Case Graphic Safe Viewable Zone (Overall):            99.6"w x 46.9"h
Graphic Material:            Tension Fabric Dye-Sub
In recent years, Tension fabric display are welcomed by the majority of exhibitors due to it makes use of a printing process called dye sublimation, which is the latest and greatest printing technology available.

Surely, the popularity of tension fabric display also due to the advantages of this product. As we all know, Tension fabric display is typically defined as any display that utilizes a dye-sublimated knit-polyester fabric graphic, which is then pulled or stretched to fit or cover a EZ tube constructed frame.so it has the advantages of EZ tube and tension fabric.

Tension fabric is lightweight and easy to clean with either warm soap water, or a dry cleaner. At the same time, it is wrinkle resistant and can also fold to a fraction of its full size, which aids in transport. In addition, the tension fabric is made with fire-resistant material, so which with strong safety performance.

EZ tube as an aluminum tube, it is light and easy to move. Surely, compared with other kind of display products, the display which is a combination of EZ tube can also add lights, Board, Mesa and other accessories easily. In addition, the modeling of them are diverse, unique and good-looking.

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