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Poster Stand System L

More perfect in every details,thinner-gap of the banner with the vertical pole.
Changeable vision height from 1M,1.5M to 2M
Rotational Portable advertising railing/The same figure with HK-25C.
The banner can running,also can be assembled with the non-running one.


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  Time: about 25 minutes
  Include Bag 
  Transport in Car

. Stability               . Durability
. Versatility            .  Low weight

Model HK-25L1  HK-25L1.5  HK-25L2
Length(cm) 100      150     200
Height(cm)         100/150/200    100/150/200  100/150/200  
NetWeight(Kg) 7.8    9.21   10.4
GrossWeight(Kg) 8.5    10.5   11.9
Color SL
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