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Poster stand HK-25

Portable advertising railings
an innovative system of space separation that allows an application variety with the usage of variousl modules' dimensions.
In addition to its basic function ofseparating, it offers possiblility for advertising on a large surface ensuring exceptinal effect.
Large canvas surface is suitable for top-quality.
high-resolution print of all kinds of motives.
it's automatic winding system evables easy usage,
while the canvas is safely kept on the inside of the transverse ledge during transport.


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Patent No.200720038995.6
Single & Double
Material: Aluminium
  Time: about 30-35 minutes 
  Include Bag 
  Transport in Car

. Stability               . Durability
. Versatility            .  Low weight
. Small system volume when folded

System L
Name        Length       Height              N.W.        G.W.
HK-25L1    100cm  100,150,200cm      7.8kgs    8.5kgs
HK-25L1.5 150cm  100,150,200cm    9.21kgs  10.5kgs
HK-25L2    200cm  100,150,200cm    10.4kgs  11.9kgs

System U
Name        Length       Height              N.W.        G.W.
HK-25PU1    100cm  100,150,200cm   12.7kgs    17.2kgs
HK-25PU1.5 150cm  100,150,200cm   13.75kgs    18.4kgs
HK-25PU2    200cm  100,150,200cm   14.8kgs    19.8kgs

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