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  • The scientific principle of the exhibition stand design

    2014-09-10 08:54:29
    Exhibition planning is a creative thinking activities,it is not arbitrary, but be rigorously scientific.
  • The artistic principle of exhibition stand design

    2014-09-09 08:39:51
    Exhibition design should be artistic. Exhibition design artistry manifested in several ways.
  • The purpose principle of exhibition stand design

    2014-09-03 16:22:54
    Exhibition Planning Exhibition starting at selecting targets, the implementation on achieving the goal of the exhibition,reflected in the details of each design. Follow the principle of purpose, designers should deal with the following relationships:
  • The functional principle of exhibition stand design

    2014-09-01 09:43:50
    Exhibition stand design should be functional,when designers consider the design of external form and the image,also need to consider the inherent function, which is to provide a good environment and conditions for booth personnel and booth to work. Because ultimately rely on exhibit booth personnel to achieve the purpose, the working efficiency of the exhibition booth personnel finally effect the exhibition. In a comfortable, functional environment, booth staff can work more efficiently.
  • About Tension fabric display

    2014-06-18 10:15:31
    In recent years, Fabrics are getting more advanced and which now are made of recyclable material and low solvent links
  • D'PES SIGN EXPO CHINA 2014 Many Highlights of hawk display

    2014-06-18 10:14:32
    During 21 to 24th, February,2014, the "D · PES Fifth International logo engraved printing technology Exhibition" be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center
  • Exhibit Stands

    2014-06-18 10:14:00
    Display stands and also pop up displays have revolutionized the trade show market. Trade exhibits all through the world are carried out by utilizing pop up exhibit stands
  • Hawk display participate in Euro Shop 2014 and D · PES SIGN EXPO CHINA

    2014-06-18 10:11:20
    In this festive February, Hawk display ushered two exhibitions. One is Euro Shop 2014, which is the large-scale retail trade exhibitions in world, and which held the three years in the north of china
  • Hawk display participate in training to enhance corporate culture

    2014-06-18 10:10:43
    September 6, 2013, four new staff of Hawk Display Equipment Company and 42 important staff of another companies attended the ability and quality training courses at Changzhou Science and Education Town
  • How to make your exhibition flag attract more attention

    2014-06-18 10:09:18
    As we all know, the exhibition display including simple digital printing display flag has already been a important part of business promotion
  • Skilled Vinyl PVC Banner

    2014-06-18 10:07:54
    Printing Uk and also Print Banners United kingdom services from your UK's major banner printers
  • The latest Tension fabric displays in EURO SHOP 2014

    2014-06-18 10:07:23
    The latest Tension fabric displays which with innovative design and changing shape from Hawk display are coming! And which can shine your eyes absolutely in EURO SHOP 2014!