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How to make your exhibition flag attract more attention

2014-06-18 10:09:18

As we all know, the exhibition display including simple digital printing display flag has already been a important part of business promotion. As a simple exhibition flag, how to make itself attract more? Maybe three universal ways recommended by Hawk display can help you realize this goal.

First of all, choosing the right fabric. When choosing fabric, you should take into account that some varieties may wash better than others or some color of varieties may better than others. Such as synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon which have good waterproof and windproof properties, but not anti-exposure; cotton is durable and washable, but lacks the luster. So choosing the good fabric is important.

Then, Choosing colors that grab attention. The whole point of flag display is to get the attention of your potential viewers. However, different people have different loves in different kinds of color,. By choosing complimentary colors that work together or colors that are attractive to onlookers, you can gain success better.

Finally, Keeping the design figure of flag simple. The simpler the design the easier it is to find the point mean of flag. At the same time, considering using stripes, blocks, and simple shapes like stars, hearts, arrow, or other images to make up your flag and light your flag.

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