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The latest Tension fabric displays in EURO SHOP 2014

2014-06-18 10:07:23

The latest Tension fabric displays which with innovative design and changing shape from Hawk display are coming! And which can shine your eyes absolutely in EURO SHOP 2014!

As we all know, Tension fabric display is always exhibitor's love due to its advantages in structure combination of tension fabric and EZ tube frame compared with other display equipment of other materials.But with the development of display equipment and the better pursuit of products from people, more unique display equipment are needed.In order to meet the need of people but also to welcome the come of EURO SHOP 2014 and show the strength of hawk display in advertising display equipment, Hawk display researched and invented new tension fabric displays, which mainly included two categories.

First category is the IPAD Multimedia tension fabric display Bracket, which designed specifically for the ipad exhibition and which are suitable for all models ipad. Among these Multimedia tension fabric display Brackets, some with elegant style, some with noble and generous style. At the same time, they can hang 24 to 32-inch monitor, which can add another kind of color for your product exhibition. The whole display Bracket easy to bring and easy to change the tension fabric graphic.

The other is tension fabric display background. It seems to be a "transformer", which can achieve a variety of styles easily by itself and to meet the different taste of exhibitors. Due to this tension fabric display background with a curved compact structure, so it is very stable no matter how you bend to change the style. Surely, there is no doubt that it is a good-looking, attractive and affordable display equipment based on its various shapes and replaceable tension fabric graphic.

The dream of Hawk display is just to offer you the best display equipment, realizing the conception of "using our products to make people live more happiness".