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3 Hot Selling Trade Show Counters from Hawk Display

2017-02-23 15:10:51

Trade show exhibition season is coming! Are you ready for attending a trade show exhibition? And have you prepared your trade show counter in your booth? Weather yes or no, you should have a look at these hot trade show counters from Hawk Display. You will absolutely be shocked.


First, foldable trade show counter 3D-99GS and 3D-99AS

This trade show counter offers great style and function for your exhibit booth or event. They are portable and which can be a trade show counter from small piece in second. The size and shape is optional. Large one 3D-99GS with 1000*800*475mm size is good for man use and the small one 3D-99AS with 600x360Wx970mm is good for women use.


Second, dual trade show counter YC-11-X15

In terms of new built-in materials, this trade show display counter is easier to install. With vivid tension fabric graphic, you can show your brand well. This trade show counter also can be used as a trade show display case. When used as a trade show package case, it is stable and durable with larger capacity.


Third, cheap and hot trade show counter 3D-99A

This 3D-99A is a common trade show counter and many suppliers can offer it. With tension fabric graphic and lightweight aluminum tubes, it is portable for display. You can set up easily and break it down into small pieces for quick transportation. With a modern design and professional look, it will showcase your products or brand in the best possible way.